That's Gelato offers you a taste you can trust served in a scoop of pure pleasure.

Good, unpretentious real Italian Gelato, made with minimum fuss and quality ingredients is at the heart of what we do.

That’s Gelato ice cream and sorbets are made with a total commitment to quality and by people with a genuine love for what they do. It is produced with the best available quality ingredients, real fruit, real cocoa, superior nuts mixed in by hand by Artisan experts and the latest ice cream manufacturing technology. It is rich in flavour and texture, heavy in weight with low overrun (air content) and excellent shelf life.

The importance of cold, may sound quite obvious. What you do not know is, the magic and creaminess of our gelato is the direct result of a fast freezing process. Fast freezing means the ice crystals produced are much smaller, it is the size of these small ice crystals that result in the creamy and smooth texture of our ice cream on your tongue.

This is why the cold chain is so very important to us. By taking good care of the cold chain, in our warehouse and on our trucks, we look after the creaminess of our ice cream, which means making sure that our Gelato and Sorbets are kept at the right low temperature of -20 degrees Celsius at all at all times.

It has often been commented on that our factory has a double heart; that of a modern and efficient factory and that of a handcraft laboratory.

Why Does Our Gelato


It is the little things that make a big difference, from that extra bit of toasted almonds or chunk of dark chocolate to a big smile and friendly hello when you visit our factory shop, to our original gelato recipes.

We have one aim, deliver a range of premium and affordable good quality ice cream that makes people feel good. 

How do we do this? We listen to our customers.